Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SEX (and the City) on Facebook

Ok, guys.  Return of my blog posts.  I wrote this one a while back (like in September), and I was gonna delete it and start a fresh one, but it's just too funny, and you all deserve to see this:

I am a huge fan of the show Sex and the City, and so, I'm a follower of that Facebook page.  It's not some stellar page, but they do post little quotes and photos from the episodes that always make me happy. 

Until recently.

Recently, they have been having "caption this photo" contests, and I've captioned a few of them.  To my horror, I noticed that most of the comments being submitted were guys requesting sex.  Like, actually propositioning the women who were captioning the pictures.

At first, I was like, "What the hell?!" but then I stopped to think.  I realized that the pervy comments from these guys were usually in broken English.  I then realized that these guys had no idea what Sex and the City was.  They just saw the word "sex" and assumed it was some sort of Facebook hookup page!

So now, whenever I comment on something on that page, my Facebook inbox gets cluttered with messages from these guys, which I then have to clear out and report that I don't know them, etc.  I'm not that upset about it, though, because they are just so hilarious to read.  I'm going to post some comments below of the things I've seen on the Sex and the City Facebook page.  I am not making any of this up.  As I said, these usually start appearing like crazy as soon as women start commenting on the posted episode photos.

- "do you have video clips of sex...??"

- "for ladies sekss" (note: this guy's profile pic was of a penis ... these are the times when I hate the fact that a mini version of someone's profile pic shows up beside their comments)

- "Wael come lady romance weeth love free" (what?????)

-"Com on lady i am romantick boy love"

-"Hello. Are you sex."

-"i am sexy and cool"

-"r u know american language" (yes, but obviously YOU aren't know it)

-"love + love = veri love"

-"nice yaar i will come in soon with you sex in bedooooogoh" (I really can't make this stuff up.  What's with the "yaar"?  Is he a pirate?)


-"love - sex = life" (Actually, I think that equals marriage ... but my math is a little rusty.)

-"hi greeting from my partner I am lookin for ladies" (I don't think your partner would appreciate that very much.)

-"Fucking? hahahahahah" (Well, not if you're gonna laugh at me, dude.)

Hope you enjoyed those!

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