Monday, December 27, 2010

College Flashback: Bingo Night

Every so often, a group on my college campus would host a Bingo night.  My friends and I always attended because it could get quite entertaining.  Plus, once I won a dvd of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown there - so that rocked.

The guy calling the numbers was always trying to get the players involved.  For example, whenever B-4 came up, he would expect the crowd to respond with "and after!"  And, naturally, we were supposed to join him in thinking that O-69 was hilarious.  Once, he announced to us that the way he called the numbers was "full of sexual innuendos ... and sexual realisms."  Sexual realisms??? 

Anyway, what we really showed up for was this one girl who would always be there playing too.  She would start off just quietly marking the spaces on her board, but then I guess when that got too boring for her, she would make these very loud comments directed at no one in particular.  She pretty much just said whatever popped into her head.  No filter.

One night, after we had been playing for a while, the caller announced that the next prize we would be playing for was a clock radio.  Well, Comment Girl apparently misheard him, and she kind of spiraled out of control:

"A CROTCH RADIO?!?!?  Where ya 'sposed to put that?  Do ya gotta supply ya own crotch???"

I mean, even if you didn't quite hear that he had said "clock", wouldn't your mind assume that's what he had said because the next word was "radio"?  Maybe that's just me.  Also, the thing about supplying your own crotch ... was she hoping a crotch came in the box, all ready to go?  I'm telling you, everyone was laughing so hard we couldn't breathe.

That same night, Comment Girl kept waiting for a certain number to come up that she needed.  I'll say it was N-32.  She was patient (well, patient for her) at first but then really started to get irritated:

"Ok, call out N-32!  I need that one!"

**2 min later**

"I told ya to call out N-32!  He ain't listenin' to me!"

**1 min later**

"Ok, I know what's goin' on here.  N-32 ain't even in there.  They took that one out so I would lose!"

About 5 seconds after that, the caller pulled N-32.  Of course, we all turned to stare at Comment Girl to see how she would react to this.  She paused for a second then told everyone:

"I don't know why ya'll starin' back here at me.  Some chick over there was sayin' all that N-32 mess."

I miss Bingo night.


  1. haha..totally remember that girl. I once won a shuffle at bingo night!

  2. I remember that! You lucky dog!

  3. I nearly peed my pants on this one. Oh what great wonderful funny memories. You tell it like it is, Ashley.